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Anyone Looking For Kings


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Hi everyone,

I was out playing around on my boat today, and when I returned

it back to its berth I noticed a heap of Kings in the 70-75cm range,

cruising around the moored boats in Rose Bay, they were just below the

surface and easy to follow from boat to boat as they were going at a very

slow pace.

After tying up my boat, I was about to step off on to the jetty and a lone King slowly

swam under my feet, if I had been more alert I could have reached down

and touched him, he was that close.

One of the guys that runs his business from the marina, and is a known

fishing writer for several fishing mags, and has also had his own fishing show

on fox-tel last year, says to me that he catches them on sp's around this area

on a regular basis.

This area is definitely worth a look for any Raiders in future, and its directly

opposite the boat ramp.


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thanks for the tip.

very generous of you considering the volume of readers here. perhaps good karma is due on your next fishing trip.

ps: what's a king? :tease: who'd be interested in chasing those?

pps: i know a few good yakka spots.... pm me.

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Good Stuff Penguin, mate i think your moorings will be like Pitt St this weekend now, hope we see some good fish pulled

Yeah me too, I hope some Raiders get onto few and put up some pics,

there is plenty of baitfish in that area and I have also seen lots

of little squid around the marinas there.


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