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Catching Big Estuary Mullet

squid hunter

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Hey Raiders

Was looking to get some big fresh mullet fillets for bait.. and there are plenty of these big mullet in estuarys down the south coast which don't take ANYTHING, no idea what they eat. :1badmood: .. so i have no luck

I can catch little ones with bread and bait traps.. but these big ones would be amazing to get

I have caught sea mullet of the beach on pillies.. but these guys are different.. you see them jump everywhere which is even more frustrating :thumbdown:

so does any one know how i could catch one of these mullet?

any tips would be great


Squid Hunter

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hey squidhunter,

Ive caught them at forster and brooklyn this way - find a relativly shallow sandy section of your estaury, 4-6ft deep and fish the last 1 1/2 hours of the top of the tide and the first 1 1/2 hours of the run out where mullet can be seen swimming around, if there is an oyster lease close by even better, mix a loaf of bread in a bucket with just enough water until it is mushy mix in a good squirt of tuna oil and simply flick (try not to drop it in one chunk, flick it so it spreads) about a table spoonful into the water about every minute or so and let the tide slowly move it over your fishing area ( somewhere in a backwater where ther is just a slight current is needed). then just drop a light line with a quill float and a small hook about size 1 with a piece of peeled prawn about 12 to 18 inches under the float into the burley trail and let it drift back with the tide like you would if you were fishing for blackfish and bingo! be patient because sometimes it can take a bit of time for the mullet to find the burley and at times they can be a bit hesitant but once they do decide to bite its nothing to catch a dozen or so. As a good by product you will also catch gar fish this way and i have even caught bream blackfish and even the odd flathead this way.

good luck


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mullet can be a bit hard to hook sometimes but a rig that works is tie a large dropper in 2kg line cut it tie on 2 fly hooks 1each on the tag ends use a bubble float a only a shallow depth just bellow the surface burly with bread and with a doughy mix of fresh bread used for bait use fresh bread because it wont need to be mixed with water use only the tinyest ball and pinch it just on the barb an as the mullet takes the float wait till the bow in the line straightens swiftly strike at it have only the smallest splitshot because a bubble float can be 1/2 filled withwater and used as acasting weight and this method should work for you but mullet can be made to take a bread fly aswell but someone else can explain that as I dont flyfish alot good luck in your pursuit of the sometimes elusive mullet and let us know how you go so I might come get some for my marlin baits.Dont forget to go were the fish will be I'm sure you are aware of this as mullet can normally be sighted if you can see the fish that would be an appropriate place to wet a line as long the tide isnt to fast then fish upto and after the ebbs as per normal with most estuarine fishing the ebbs are the times to fish.Cheers anyway Emu

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