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Georges Monday


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Haven't been able to get out on the water for about 6 weeks due to transport issues. Spent valuable time reading raiders posts, picking up tips. Hit the Georges at 7am on Monday with my old man and headed to a favourite spot for a drift. Dad just purchased himself a new Shimano stradic and more plastics to try, second cast landed himself a nice 48cm flattie. I wasn't get any action so I changed to my favourite (black & gold shad) hooked something nice it had head shakes like a flattie as it near the boat it dropped off. I read in one of the posts and was told by an uncle to open the bail arm and let the lure float back down as they sometimes will have another go. Sure enough as soon as it hit the bottom one flick and I was back on. Landed a nice 46cm flattie. Over the next hour landed two more keepers.

Moved to another spot to try some blades (also recently purchased) and only landed two small bream. The wind come up a bit so we headed back in satisfied with the result.


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