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Well after much deliberation i have finally purchased a new light outfit.

Reel=Shimano Sustain 2500


Rod=Shimano T-Curve Tournament 2008, 2-5kg 661 Spin

Can't find a good pic

Loaded up with 6lb Daiwa TD Sensor Braid :biggrin2::thumbup:

That cost about $550 all up but add another $100 for the lures and other goodies i got :1prop:



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That's nice Shimano gear Josh. A 2500 Sustain matched with their 2-5 kilo T-Curve rod seems to be the goods going on the number of sp fishermen that use the same combo up north.

By the way there's a lot of blue swimmers breeding at the moment so dont forget to buy extra crab traps for your stay at Cowan. It would pay to stock up on raw chicken necks, drop the traps out in the early morning, take your crabs out in the afternoon and put the traps straight back out and leave them overnight.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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