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Looking For An Old Hull/ Boat Around 6m's


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Hi Guys,

Im looking for an old hull or boat, around 6m's (or bigger)

got a project in mind and if you guys know of anyone selling or anyone i could contact that would get their hands on that sort of thing it would be much appreciated.

preferably a fibreglass hull

im not touching a foily as i dont know how to weld!



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Got one for ya! :thumbup:

I think its 6.2 m. Its an old Swiftcraft Cruiser that used to have a sterndrive in it. The Transom has been rebuilt to take a LS Outboard. The cabin has been cut away, and we started making it into a CC!

It sits on an old Boing tilt, multi roller trailer with dual axles. Mechanical brakes on the front axle only.

The hull you can have for nothing, but the trailer will cost ya! Located at Belmore if you want to check it out. Its under a lighted car port so you can see it of an evening if that is better for you.

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omg joe you are awesome!

Thats what I thought when I recognised a shirtless (but muscular) fellow


I was wondering who that guy was waving like a lunatic today! :risata::risata:

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will probably get in contact with you next week and see if we can work out a time i can come and check it out.

Thanks mate,



No prob Col. :thumbup: Like I said earlier, even if you come down of an evenig you can still check her out. It is under lights! :thumbup:

And yes Iain...Im a moving chanel marker...can't miss me! :risata::risata:

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After much consideration I have decided to put the project on hold for a while.

2 reasons really.

1. was that i got a decent marlin without too many dramas with my current boat. so i think i might stay with it, although its got a pretty narrow beam and bobs around a bit at rest its awesome trolling etc, loves the rough stuff. its actually and old haines hull converted into a centre cab.

2. I have been working as a contractor and the company i just worked for just offered me a very substantial package to become full time.

so if i do upgrade my boat im looking at a 2nd hand 25ft bertram.

(nothing like being 22yrs old and in heaps of debt!)

Thanks heaps for your time mate, hope i didnt waste it too much. :thumbup:

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