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Blowering & Burrinjuck

Moro Mou

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Hello all,

After reading a good report from Blowering Dam i deceided to gice the freshwater seen a go.

Two mates fished Blowering for a full day (and night) and only managed 2 small cod. 1 was 49 cm but the other the lure looked big in comparison. As a result they made the call to head to Burrinjuck early on Tuesday morning. This pleased me somewhat as the drive from Sydney was much easier.

I arrived at 3.30 pm and the other guys had already had a few hours on the water for nothing. I was hoping that my arrival would change things for the better . . . . no harm in hoping. We fished through until 11pm and only manged 1 small yellow belly for our troubles. They highlights however were dropping a nice cod boat side (estimated at 60 cm+) and getting busted off on 50lb braid (twice) by what could only be described as a monsters.

We had a final early morning session yestreday and only caught a carp and a very small redfin.

I was a relaxing few days but it certainly has me questioning why i would leave Sydney to catch nothing when there are an abundance of King captures all over fishraider!!

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Yeah unfortunately when the fishing turns off in freshwater to don't have too many other options. At least in the salt you have numerous fish species that you can target.

I think it is time to boat me a few Sydney kings to get my mojo back!!!

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Hey fellar's

I grew up fishing both Blowering & Burrinjuck and they can both fire one day off the next and they a both dam where the local knowledge helps and as Moro Mou one day a certain part of the dam will be blistering hot with action and it may only be on one colour or lure type.

we never camped on the boat nor did we leave lines in overnight as when we did we never caught much most of our night fishing was done slow trolling deep divers around the wall in blowering and near the Islands in burrinjuck.

Just a note with blowering if you read that its firing then it's generally too late, and we never caught much when the Barometer dropping especially when she drops under 1018

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thanks rockyjack,

yes i have heard it many times . . . you should have been hear last week it was awesome. Also i like your comment that if you read/hear it is firing you are probably too late.

Anyway who said fishing was just about catching fish half the fun is preparing and getting away for a few days to catch up with friends. Catching fish just makes your fishing reports more interesting to read!!!

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Yeh mate I feel for ya these can be bloody hard dams to fish, but that whats keeps me coming back. Starting to have more and more success. The big difference I have found nowadays is to ask questions (great story in the Nov/Dec Freshwater Fishing Mag... It's me!), most fisho's are pretty good folk and will give you good advice. I like to find out what lure type and colour has been successful and depth/location etc.

Im not much of a bait fisherman, but I have seen guys pull in freshwater eels outta Burrinjuck over 6ft. I generally only fish the main basin and Yass arm.

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Thanks Arn09,

On the recent trip we really concentrated on lures, trolling and casting. Experimented with all sorts of things, colour, size etc including a copper spoon rigged with a paravein to stop the twist. This was recomended by one of the local guys. Both the bust offs came from this rig. The quick bait sessions we had we used Bardi's, yabbys and worms but are hearts were no in it by this stage.

I love my freshwater fishing but think i will give Glenbawn and Windamere a go before heading back down south.

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