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Horrific Road Accident


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Sad news from the capital Honiara. 2 days ago we witnessed a terrible tragedy here. A 15 year old girl, who had a drivers licence, was involved in a fatal accident. (Police are investigating how she had a licence when the minimum age to drive here is 18 years)


A warning to all of us over the "silly" season. Please be careful on the roads, the devestation to these teenagers families could not be comprehended. This is a time for family get together and celebration.

Please don't become another stastistic.

Stay safe, Merry Christmas and enjoy.



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It was probably a fake run up somewhere. Or she used a fake id to get it (that is if she was a local). Its not that hard to do.

A tragedy nevertheless.

Yes, it is a very corrupt society here. $100 can get you nearly anything. In fact her father, the owner of the Pacific Casino Hotel, gave her the car for her 15th birthday. - WTF???

Just last week he paid compensation to the owner of a bus which his daughter ran into. The compensation was paid so that the incident was not reported to the authorities.

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Very sad.

I saw an accident about two weeks ago where a commodore towing a car on a car trailer went underneath a fully loaded truck. Unfortunately nothing left of the Commodore or of the bloke driving it.

Accident was most likely caused by the Commodore loosing control because of the sway created by towing the car.

All be careful on the roads out there. We need to keep you all as members here.

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