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Clifton Gardens Help!


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Hi me and some friends are goin for an overnight fishing again at clifton gardens and last time we did this we barely caught anything. We are all beginners so any tip would be awesome thx

Finally I am allowed to make posts!

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that's really strange

im glad to hear it cause i thought the place was a dud, every time id go there was at night and it was always packed but id never get anything........def going to give it a go at daytime after reading those posts then so thankyou

but any idea why it fishes better during the day than at night? have never really heard of anywhere else that's 'on' during the day and 'off' during the night like that before

anyway thanks and good luck fishing mate i did see a great bream being pulled up there at night once

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Guest Aussie007

you can catch bream,flatties,tailors,yakka's,whiting at night u just need to burly hard and work out what you wanna catch and go with it

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