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Scientists Discover 'giant Irukandji Cousin'


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Scientists discover giant Irukandji cousin

A new dangerous jellyfish has been discovered in Queensland.

Scientists say they have positively identified another member of the extremely venomous Irukandji family living along the eastern coast of Australia.

Marine scientist Dr Lisa Gershwin has given it the name Morbakka Fenneri, and it is a dangerous creature.

"We had a sting that was attributed to this species and it was extremely serious," she said.

"The person required life support so it is very potentially dangerous.

"In the Brisbane area and Moreton Bay it hospitalises about a dozen people a year so it is something that is potentially dangerous but it's also fabulous from a scientific point of view because it's new."

Dr Gershwin says Irukandji are normally small, inconspicuous, and fragile, but this member of the family is enormous.

"It's huge, it's about 15 to 18 centimetres in height the body and it's an Irukandji," she said.

"Most Irukandjis are quite small - about one to two centimetres, and this one is absolutely huge.

"It's a species which we have known about for a long time but it has been really mysterious a lot of people don't understand what it is and what it isn't. It's an amazing animal."


The Morbakka Fenneri, a newly discovered stinger believed to be cousin to the dangerous Irukandji. (Lisa Gershwin : Lisa Gershwin )

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OMG :1yikes: That is bad news Pete!! The small one is bad enough, let alone a giant one!! I am sure that some deaths in northern Qld that had previously been put down to heart attack or drowning was probably the small Irukandji, as the sting virtually leaves no mark & can be fatal if the person is not treated correctly immediately.

I won't be swimming in Qld waters ...... just hope it doesn't come to southern waters!



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