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My Sons First Fish


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after work today i took my three year old boy for a fish it was his second time in the boat but first time the two of us only we headed out to fish the lady robinsons beach for a flattie or two but the southerly made things a bit uncomfortable for him so we headed for a bit of cover to watts reef threw the anchor in and used pillies for bait he cant actually cast more than a metre yet so i casted in and handed him the rod i was too busy throwing back undersize snapper for about 15 minutes so i didnt notice what he was up to as a thought came to mind that he might be sea sick cause he's pretty active usually and he wasnt making a sound i turned around and to my surprise the little bugger had a fish on and was trying to wind it in with the rod in his armpit but the drag was too tight so he couldnt turn the handle it was a stand off with a good size flattie so after giving him a bit of lift and wind instruction we netted a nice specimen of 50cms, that was it, he wouldnt sit down after that ,he wanted to catch all the fish on the measuring sticker in an hour so i had to pretend a phonecall from mum to get out of the water and use the power of santa claus to get the fish out of his hands at home you can tell how proud of him self he is in the photo :1fishing1:post-727-1230106762_thumb.jpg

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Awesome to see your little bloke catch his first fish Tony. The start of a lifetime of fun I hope. :thumbup:

Get him signed up as a Fishraider (my 6yo daughter is "Little Slinky"... she doesn't get on line of course but she loves feeling part of the whole thing, comes along to socials, etc) and pop that beaut fish in Fish Of The Month!!

Cheers, Slinky

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Top stuff mate...

Just hope he doesn't get too smart when he outfishes Dad :1prop:

Nah good stuff mate, dunno who would be prouder, him with his fish or you of him!!

Great to see father and son team...

Here's to the next big one :beersmile:



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