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Evinrude Etech 50hp


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Hay Guys,

Im thinking of getting a 450 alloy boat and thinking of putting a 50hp etech on it.

Can any one tell me about performance, reliability and cosumption of this particular size motor?

I know the 115 are tops but was told that the 40,50,60s are an overweight underpowered unit, compared to a 4 stroke anyway.....

Help would be appreciated.


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I don't have a 50, but a 60 E-TEC which I had fitted in November. Previous to this, I had a 2007 Mercury 4 stroke. I changed my motor as the 4 stroke was a huge, bulky unit. Also, it didn't have the low end torque. Took ages to accelerate. It would do much until around the 4000rpm mark.

I was always a fan of the 4 stroke, until I had the E-TEC installed. Will never look back. Anyway, I did a post back in November comparing the performance of the two motors:-


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I have a 4.6m alloy runabout with a 50 Etec. I can't give you any comparisons because this is my first boat but I am extremely happy with it. It is very quiet & smokefree. Starts first kick EVERY time & uses bugger all fuel. We have not put many hours on it but it has never faultered in any way. The performance seems incredible to me. It gets the Stacer on the plane in seconds & has more than enough power for my boat.

As I said I can't give comparisons but I from my experience I would be recomending it to you for sure.


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Hi, the I-2 E-TEC weigh no more than any 4-Stroke of the same HP and they come with SST and ALOT beefer gearbox-do yourself a favour and comprae the brands and be fair and price up SST prop and 3 uyears worth of servicing when comparing prices.

Any E-TEC will out perform any 4-Stroke of similar HP especially when the boat is loaded down and torque becomes important for performance-any 2-Stroke have more low down torque than a 4-Stroke of the same HP. Also offering better fuel economy, similar noise, better emissions and alot less cost in servicing the result favours the E-TEC and just around the corner is the final piece of the puzzle :thumbup:

PM me if you would like the Raider price on a new 50HP E-TEC with genuine SST prop and hardware-not cheap aftermarket stuff.



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I can only speak for the 60hp etec, Basically the same motor just more power by the means of a different valve that Huey could possibly fill yiou in on more.

My boat has a LOT of gear in the rear and i am talking HEAPS, 2 electric downriggers, 50lt fuel, 70lt bait tank and the list goes on.

It gets my boat (4.6 alloy) up and out of the hole extreemly fast and has performed A LOT better since i got the permatrim installed.

Top speed for my tinny fully loaded with 3 onboard is 53kph. Not bad for a little motor.

I use about 15lt on a full day, thats running all over the harbour, ducking outside the heads and downrigging all day (basically running for about 6 hrs)

My old Suzuki 65 used about 30lt doing much the same and the smell mad me sick.

At the end of the day its your choice. If i was to do it again the only other motor i would consider is the Yamaha 60 4st but as Huey said, There is a heap more value in the Etec.

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I own a 50 etec on a 4.6m stabicraft. It gets onto the plane easy, wot at 5700rpm does 28.5 knots and uses about 12l of fuel for 2 hours of run time on a day out, with varing rpms, idle to wot. IT doesn't vary much when fully loaded. It also uses stuff all oil, put about an egg cup in after every trip.. Have 65 hours on the motor and used about 3/4 of a gallon bottle of xd100, with the engine oil bottle still full.

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