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Kingfish Social 2009


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Hi All,

One of our members has offered to do a promotional type video for fishraider :thumbup::thumbup::1yikes:

BillyD will be there at the social on and off the water. Short interviews will take place and shots of members catching great fish will be involved.

I am sure you will all agree that this will be fantastic for our community to show how we help each other and enjoy our great sport. There are a few things we ask of all people attending that day.

1. Please wear a fishraider hat. We will have the hats there and you can purchase them at any time. Bring your $15 at rego and we can get you sorted. We know everyone has branded gear but we would like to promote fishraider not the big companies that we all know about.

2. Use your fishraider Measure of Success mat and if you don't have one you can purchase from us too.

3. If you are being filmed put your smokes away and keep your language to family friendly :biggrin2:

Some of the topics that will be mentioned are:

  • kingfish in general
  • Sydney Harbour
  • fishraider - give your comments about what you get out of being a fishraider member
  • fishing in Sydney

If you think you have something to add for an interview and would like to talk please pm me right now (mrsswordfisherman)

We are intending to get fishraider shirts this year and proceeds of hats, mats, boat stickers will go towards the design and purchase of those. So please give something back to the forum. I am sure that all who attend socials know that a lot of work and cost is involved. Without the donations of your fellow members and our site sponsors we would not be able to have such splendid events.


Cheers mrsswordfisherman

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Hi Raiders, the reason for this video is just as Dona said, we want to share with the rest of the world the magnificent Harbour we have at our front doorstep, and more importantly what a great club we belong to - Fishraider!

Ill be out in a 5.5mtr Signature so if you see me driving past and want to show off you catch wave me down and ill pop on over, even better if your onto a fish and want to be on camera give me a holar on the mobile so i can shoot to your location and get some footage of you and your boat (pm me and ill send my number).

I will be doing some interviews back at base camp so if you feel you have something knowledgeable to contribute on any of the topics please let Dona know so she can coordinate a time for us to get you infront of the camera.

When the video is finished it will be up to the Swordies discretion as to what they decide to do with it.

If by any chance there is a Raider out there that has a wireless Lapel microphone (or even with a cord) that we can borrow for the day that would be great. I cant seem to locate ours.

See you all at the Social!


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