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This book by Peter Goadby is a great starting point for anyone wishing to start gamefishing, It has a fantastic species section, rigs, trolling spreads and patterns and some amazing pictures. Ive had my copy going on about 12 years and have loaned to numerous people. Around 250 pages from memory and hardcover, looks very good on the coffee table too. You should be able to pick up a copy locally too.



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Could someone tell me where i can purchase books and dvd's on gamefishing over the internet.

I am after the beginner's guide pretty much, knots and rigs etc.


Though it's good to read and absorb information the most valuable lessons are gained from getting on the water as I crew on cpt Ross Hunters Broadbill often people come with us to see how its done before setting out on thier own I strongly suggest doing so as Ross has 1-2 spots for late January and the same for march this is an opportunity that if you where serious about catching marlin to absorb real lessons not just read about it I've fished with the Hunter lads 10 years now and learnt what I know from the crews on the Broady and Billfisher look at the reports Ross wrote in game fishing reports this is the fishing you can experience buy getting on board with us but hurry if you decide you want do this as time waits for no man and it will save you going down the trial and error road use the info on fishraider to contact cpt Ross if your interested.

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