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Kings On The Troll 2


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G'day all,

Well I just couldn't resist it, being so close to the Kingfish social, and a million and one reports of Kingies everywhere, finished work early so straight to the boat. Had originally intended to go wide and troll for Dolphinfish or Marlin, that was scrubbed as soon as I got to the heads, blowing a hooley, so I thought might as well give a few spots in the harbour a bash. Only had the lures out for ten minutes, when the 15kg bent double, bugger! I honestly thought I'd hooked the bottom. Grabbed the rod and line was screaming off at a rather hasty pace. Got the missus to stop the boat, line was still screaming off..awesome we're on. After some bloody gigantic runs, and I'm talking good 150m runs, thing was bloody possessed or something, started gaining line, this was the first fish on the new rod and reel, great test for it. Now my girl is somewhat of a novice fishermen to say the least, and her english is pretty bad, combine that with the ramblings of an over-excited fishing junkie led to me having to wind in one rod in the holder, fight the fish with the other hand whilst trying to figure out how the hell I was going to land the thing on my own. So i just played it until it had absolutly nothing left, and then had a few feeble swings with the net( I was goosed by this time) but finally got it in. What a corker, best King I've had in the harbour so far. Now I'm really really excited about Sunday, I hope everyone has as much fun as i did today, fingers crossed the weather is alright and hope to meet a few of you there. Here's some pics of the Kingy......yip yip tootle fnar fnip.

Cheers Tobe

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Great fish mate! How big was it?

I got some trolling in the harbour today as well. I could see some BIG fish on the sounder just shadowing the schools of smaller fish. Looks like trolling might be the easy way out when the squid don't come to play!

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Cheers dude, if you fancy a fish, lets head out soon, next weekend is looking good. You should get your boat in the water too, maybe have a beer down the london after huh?


Cool love to go for a fish...My boat is a "piece of work in progress"...saving for a service..better make it yours,unless you want to swim home!!!!!! We should, drink beer,down the London :beersmile: and prepare for the weekend .. I think that you could really teach me a thing or too now

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