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Manning River


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Pretty quiet in the Manning at the moment. My mate and I went out yesterday, tried mud bishops for a while with soft baits and mullet, barely even a bite.

After that we went out to manning point using soft baits and mullet again. All we ended up catching was small mullet, might be a good time to go live bait collecting.

Other than that, hasnt been much around we are heading out agai today in the area, see how we go.

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i was fishing near farkwarr inlet[even thought it is closed] we were useing plastics and fresh prawns fishing for flattys and bream

to my surprise the fresh prawnswere out fishing the plastics we kept doing a drift around the corner and picked up a good feed off flattys and heaps off under size bream

i think the prawns are stuck and are congregated at that end off the river so you may wish to give that a go

cherrs gary

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