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Kingfish Social


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after helping a newish raider with some tips i was very surpised on his response when i asked him if he was going to the social

his answer was i thought it was only for the pro's and the guns i got the impresion he felt it was out off his depth

after talking to him he is now going

i missed the last kingy social becauce i did'nt catch any thing big mistake

after going to the botany social and fishing land based for zip i would just like to tell raiders that i learnt more in the few hours talking to swordys slinky hodgy about throwing sp's than all the books and vids i have seen

so my advise to raiders wondering wheather to go or not is even if your not that keen it would be in your best interest for knowledge to attend as there are plenty off old salts who are more than willing to give advise and tips for all manner off fishing

and what better way to spend the afternoon than chatting withfellow raiders about fishing

hope to see you all there cherrs gary

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Thats right !!!!!!!!!!!!! Gary,

These events are for everyone and you just never know if it will be your lucky day and you then become one of the so called "GUNS" :074:

Fishraider is for everyone to enjoy and we hope that anyone who is a bit shy will come directly to us and say hi as we dont have big teeth and are very friendly :biggrin2:

Cheers Admin

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