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Cleaning Squid


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Morning all.

I've finally managed to crack the squid code and I'm pulling them in in reasonable numbers now (thanks to Slinky and other raiders).

I've worked out how to rig them, dispatch them, freeze for bait, cut strips and so on.

What I'm struggling with is how to clean the buggers. Getting the (multiple) layers of skin off is an exercise in frustration, and it's taking way longer than I think it should.

Does anyone have any tips they could share for cleaning squid effectively and efficiently?

Any help appreciated!



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Hi Ben,

It can be a bit of a messy and finnicky job at the best of times but once you've done it a lot then it becomes 2nd nature.

First of all i cut off the head then i slice the squid all the way up from bottom of the mantle to the top (without piercing in the ink sac) then you see the small circular section at the bottom of the guts and put your thumb in there and pull. You can get all the guts out at once this way. From there you'll have left those 2 yellowish egg sac sort of things, you can just rip these off and then use your knife to scrape any loose bits that may be left and give it a wash.

After that get your thumb and force it in behind the flaps of the squid, you'll be able to get right underneath and take the flaps off and if you do it gently you will be able to remove just about all the skin in the process.

There will usually be a little bit of skin left around the bottom and the mantle which can be tricky to get off so just cut off a thin bit of the bottom section and you have a good clean squid tube.

If you are planning on just eating them then cut of just below the squids beak and keep all his legs attached to that piece, they are good eating.



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