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Lowrance X88 Df


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Hi all...

I have fiddled and fiddled and finally need some help on this.

I have an X 88DF sounder that has worked brilliantly for abut 3 years now. Recently (in the last 3 months) it has been losing the bottom reading even whilst drifting. Now I am not talking about past the shelf here, I am only in 100-150 ft of water. I have done the logical stuff like making sure the transducer is sitting properly and I have even moved it slightly up and down whilst on the water to make sure its parallel etc....

I have also made sure the connections are all ok and clean but it still loses the bottom reading. Its almost like it has lost its power to pulse through the water column. Even changing from 200 Hz to 50 Hz has little or no affect. Has anyone seen this kind of behaviour before?..


Rgds Paul

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