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  1. Nice fish Chris... Trag are great on the plate... Much better than Jew IMO.
  2. Yep.. I am of the belief that there is an arbitrary line from Hungry Point to Pulpit Point where traps are allowed to the east. As U say Larkin, would be good to get some "confirmation" as I have also been told that NO traps in The Hacking at all. Anyone from DPI on here ?
  3. OUTSTANDING.... A meter King and a decent Jew from the same fishing trip is bucket list stuff ! Well done
  4. Howdy folks... Long time lurker, part time poster, thought i'd start giving a little back I mainly fish out of Port Hacking in my 4.7HH. On Tuesday I headed slightly south of Jibbon. Lots of entertainment from back burning ops in the RNP Cracked my "PB" Snapper on a plastic, and added a few table flatties for good measure. Will start posting a bit more regularly now I have tonnes of time to do so .. Cheers 376763815_333736555771302_6094055713271905138_n.mp4
  5. Thank Chris.. Ive seen u out there on the "Ski" occasionally, mainly off PH. I usually fish mid week too to avoid the crowds. Next time I do, I will pop by and say "hi" .. Cheers Paul
  6. Hey Chris.. Nice Dory !... Can I ask when u say "deep reefs" would u mind if I ask what depth ? Are we talking 60 meters or deeper ? Cheers Pb
  7. Crabs are an awesome estuary bait. Mullet strips work well Burley is most definitely an advantage And if fishing in a quiet spot, limit boat noise
  8. Great catch... Just curious, how far offshore is the PH fad, and in what depth is it ? Cheers
  9. Wonderful... thank you and will do Cheers
  10. Howdy folks.. Just wondering what the protocol is for testing a newly installed VHF radio ? I've heard traffic on CH 16 whilst just listening in, but would obviously like to know my TX is working. Is there a protocol to do so ? Needless to say, no I haven't been in the vicinity of another mates boat at the time to simply call out to them over the radio. Cheers ...
  11. I've pulled about a dozen Jew from the Hacking, all between 50-75cm. Still waiting on a larger model to appear..
  12. Yep, Gummy are great table fare BUT u need to bleed and gut them straight up... otherwise they are prone to an ammonia taste. When u bleed them u have to cut behind the head all the way through the spine and then nick the fillet just up from the base of the tail to allow the blood to flow. U can also go up through the gut cavity "mid flank" and severe the blood line there as well.. It makes a massive difference to the table quality....
  13. Trevally make great Sashimi .. Bit like Kingfish
  14. Rock COD is poor man's lobster.. Very nice white firm flesh.. Well worth the effort of filleting and skinning. I get them fairly regularly outside of the Hacking, never done so inside... It may have been a little lost Yowie
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