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My Recent Fishing Woes


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Gday all

Late report,

Last three times in my fave estuary, bobbin head / apple tree bay have been terrible

all have been at the wrong tides as have decided to go along with fam in a hurry

first of three times of late i was round bobbin head and was watching schools of mullet looking around 30cm

burleyed with bread, put my hook out and WHAM! here come the ducks. one almost ate my hook so i retrieved and dangled the doughball under the jeti, then woosh, a 27 cm LJ comes and grabs on. as soon as i put him on my tackle box to measure him the hook falls out.. lucky i guess. Put him back in as i don't trust LJ caught near storm water / possible sewerage pipes

i move up to apple tree bay, no sucess - well a small bream, but thats all

after reading up on my fishing encylopaedia from the 80's i get in the mood for a fish again.

so last saturday i think it was I head down to apple tree bay. although i knew the tides were bad i went anyway as sometimes you never know your luck down there.

first time using soft plastics and BAM a tailor which was only around 15cm struck my nuclear chicken 2 inch shrimp. didnt give him time to fight but maybe i shouldve as it would turn out to be the only fish on for the rest of my outing

anyways whilst down there, i got talking to a good bloke on a one month work leave. he gave me some great advice on soft plastics and where to get some flathead, and much to my surprise and my belly's pleasure, he gives me a 45cm dusky

cooked it with butter and lime, this was great but the aftertaste was bland, but still i am happy for what was given to me

tonight went with my good mate hamed, no luck as the tides were bad but this was the only convenient time to go.

had afew bites and hamed got a tiny bream, but nothin good enough for the table.

after a quick friendly encounter with a kind skipper bringing in his boat, he gives me his disappointing (to him) catch of a 27cm bream, 32 cm snapper, and a 50 cm jewie

although these past three outings have been somewhat disappointing i still can't wait to get back out there.

thanks to any of the guys giving me the fish, heres some pics

btw this should be in fishing reports, sorry



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Hey Mate,

Ive fished cowan for a while now. At the moment there are heaps of blue swimmer crabs, whiting, squid, LJ and small snapper. Im heading out on sunday for the night. Ive tried landbased before but havent really got any luck.

If your at apple tree bay keep walking along the bank until u come to the white 4 knot zone sign. Fish off the rocks there. cast about 10 metres to your right, there is a nice hole there, pulled some big flounder and bream there. should get you a feed.

Goodluck mate.


thanks mate. the flathead that was given to me was caught down in the creek if you go up the arm that goes underneath the apple tree bridge. will try get some nippers as when someone gave me some in that area it was almost a fish each cast. afew good bream, a whiting and an awesome LJ

I'll go to that place you talked about and try me luck

cheers for the advice and good luck fishing

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hey mate i 4got 2 write back 2 ur nippers in cowan post..

dont know if any1 told u but the bay after apple tree bay on nth side of bobbin head.. where the wood jetty ends the walking track?? on low tide that is full of nippers...

i usually catch heaps of bream near picnic grounds at night time.. the bream are a bit shy in day time...

night time with a tiny number 1 or 2 sinker... using prawns or chicken breast fillet...

get them right next 2 the main jetty...

but on marina side...

if that helps u?

yeah was told about that. do yiou mean the exposed sand flats at low tide? do i go when they are fully exposed?

i walked across them for about 20 metres in 15cm deep water and trod on a baby flathead :( poor little guy.

i love the first bay around the left. its abit of a btch to get to but its generally worth it

apparently my uncle and his friend won naming rights to it, but in maps its still called no name bay

umm.. is it worth trekking to the next bay - the one inbetween waratah and no name. In my fishing encyclopaedia it says its a well known breaming spot. my uncle caught a 5.5lb bream in it

cheers for the advice and hopefully you'll get back to me

cheers, Dave

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