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Adventure Bound

scotty d

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hey guys been a big fan of a fishing show on channel 31 for a long time now.Talk to alot of people and not many people seem to have heard of it.Well do yourself a favour and type adventure bound into youtube and sus out some of there clips.Especially the king fish ones.They dont talk crap and try and sell you there sponsors product like alot of the others and the boys constantly produce the goods.cheers

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mate i agree... the best fishing show around. The thing about it is they fish in areas that you would normally fish yourself and not spend 3/4 of the show fishing up north in places you would probably fish only once in your life if you are lucky. They also take the effort to show how the rigs are done up and how the bait is presented...

If anyone gets the chance watch the eposide where they land the monster kingie in jervis bay.... great episode!!!!

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The dvds are also worth a look. They are just all the tv episodes but if your like me you jumped on the bandwagon way late and missed some really good stuff like the port augausta kingies, longtail tuna off the rocks and the squiding action in vic! I wish it where that easy in sydney.... the guys really do know there stuff and definately worth a watch!

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