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Sweet Corn And Crab Soup!


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Here we go raiders..as the topic says..due to the popular demand, i am giving away my Sweet corn and crab recepie!! :biggrin2:


1) 2 Good size Blue Swimmer or Mud crabs

2) 1L of liquid stock (Chicken, beef, or fish)

3) 1 Can of "Creamed" Sweet Corn (*hint - Home Brand does the job)..

4) 2 Medium size Spring Onions

5) Small piece of young ginger

6) 2 Bird's eye chillies (Optional)

7) 1/2 tbl spoon of Dark Soy Sauce

8) 1/2 tbl spoon of Corn Flour

9) Salt to taste

10) 1/2 shot glass of good quality scotch on rocks (Strictly optional but recommended! :thumbup: )

Alright, Firstly, boil the crabs well (in whole).. Once the shell turns to red/orange take them out and leave to cool down..

..have a one sip of the scotch.. :biggrin2:

Chop the chilles, ginger and spring onions whilst the crab's cooling down..

Pour the stock into a saucepan and let it boil in meadium-low heat (NEVER boil in high flame, it kills the taste!)..add the ginger and stir abit..

Start extracting the crab meat out of shells ..pain stalking task, so have another sip of that scotch :biggrin2: ..make sure to break the meat in to small bite size (not too big) pieces..

Open the can of corn, pour 1/2 of in to a blender and make a Puree..and add both Corn puree and the other 1/2 of the can to the boiling/hot stock and stir well..

By now, you should be done with shelling the crab (correct word?) ..

..Mix the corn flour well with abit of warm water in a small container and add to the soup/broth and stir extremely well..(make sure not to add too much of corn flour as it would make the soup too thick!!) once that done, add the Crab meat and 1/2 tbl spoon of soy sauce and stir..

..let the soup cook for anohter 2-3 mins and then add the Spring onions and Chillies..and salt to taste.

..Cook for another max 3 mins and turn the heat off and immidiately pour the soup to bowls as, if u leave it for too long, the soup would be over cooked and lose the taste!

...Finish off the scotch..

.. ENJOOYYYY the Soup !! :yahoo:


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Great recipe.

Mine is similar however I beat in one raw egg immediately after I turn off the heat to the saucepan.

Yummy :biggrin2:

yeah you can do that too..i usually add an egge if i make the sweet corn and chicken soup.. for crab soup i beleive the eggs kill off the crab taste.. :)

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