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Roberta's Smoked Fish Pie

tastes better with chips

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Hi Scott

I thought I'd put it up ..... it is on this thread .....just below Slinkys great BBQ!! (where it shows the whole 3 blackies being smoked)


It is a very basic recipe and you can use any smoked fish for it. My sister-in-law brought up some Smoked Aussie Salmon (also smoked whole) and I used that flesh instead of the blackies last week & it came up TOPS!!

Any probs with the recipe, just give me a yell!



PS I make mine REALLY cheesy!!

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hi again Roberta and all

my mum used to make a dish that is very , very similar.

i still make it for the family and it's my son's favourite for birthday dinners etc.

smoked cod simmered to get the skin off . doesn't take long and don't boil the daylights out of it. use the larger pieces of the cod as it gives bigger flakes of flesh.

when cool enough to handle, remove the skin and any bones then flake into good sized chunks.

here's the difference - hard boil 6 eggs , or as many as you like. again when cool enough to handle , shell and chop into 6 pieces .

make up a good quantity of white sauce ( homemade is always best ) and add some cheese and about 2 teaspoons of dry mustard powder. give it a good mix around.

put the cod and egg mixture into an oven proof dish - spoon over the white sauce ( there should be enough to almost completely cover the food ) then cover with grated cheese and a sprinkle of sweet paprika.

into a moderate oven for a while. the top of the dish will go all golden brown when ready.

serve with peas and crusty bread rolls.

a real winner in this house !!

give it a try , you won't be disapointed .




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