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New England Trout


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Hello Raiders,

Was able to take the weekend before last off, as a long weekend and the :wife: stepfather suggested we go fly fishing.

I said i would take him up to the new england area as i have fished there many times and know the quality of fishing would be alot better then down jindy way.

we spent the best part of 4 days fishing many of the small creeks in the area,both prefering to fish the small stuff.

the trout were everywhere and usually more then willing to accept a descent presentation. fly choice was not so critical and i caught most fish on a royal wulf. although one particular stream proved difficult and the fish were only taking nymphs.(i found this out the hard way and had spent most of the day fishing with the dry with limited success).

the fish sizes varied some that wouldnt fit across the palm and your hand with the biggest fish caught going 47cms.

a great weekend spent fishing in some of the most beautiful country in this great land of ours.

im hoping to get amongst some of these harbour kings on thursday.

good luck .


p.s will try and post some pics later

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