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Mmmmmm Nice


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Just saw this and had to get one! :drool:

It's called the Exist Hyper Branzino Custom 2508R Special

Hi Ceph! :harhar:


Just curious was you fishing Broken Bay on Sat as I thought I saw you trolling around Joey in the morning?



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You Bastard!!

Now I have to get one...... the :wife: will go into silent mode again...

Are you having any more Garage Sales Greg?

The joys of being in transition mode and looking for a better unit, I don't have them problems any more :thumbup:

If mine went silent I would have gone broke from consistantly buy more! :074:

I have to go get some more stuff out of storage and see what I don't want to keep any more. Keeping some bream stuff and all the Exists and Millers, They are just to good to sell!

I think I need to sell alot more to pay for some new goodies tho!

I was going on the jap site to order another Fisherman Rod, ended up being a very expensive afternoon!

ps. There is a new Branzino line out to, it's one of their new SI ranges and is a colour coded line. The Morthan white line and the other red SI line has been fantastic.


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Greg & Ceph

Guys you really need to open your own display shop. Somewhere we can all come in and check out your lovely gear without the expense of buying it ourselves. Mind you, there would have to be some serious cleanup each day after all the drooling that would occur!

*Ewwww* just had an evil thought of how this would work & I've changed my mind, I wouldn't wanna been seen entering such an establishment.....unless of course you have "Off the street discrete parking"!


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What were you saying the other night Greg ............ hmmm

you had the billfish bug and bream just don't do it for you :074:

I suppose you need to have some sort of reel on the live bait catching

set up, personally I think your just spoiling the slimies and yakkas


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20th of Feb is the release day for the reel in Japan.

This reel I'll use for my 15lb snapper outfit for casting 1/4 to 3/8 ounce. Still has it's 7kg drag so it is capable of stopping a half decent snapper. My 3000's will be spooled with either 20lb or 25lb dependent on which rod they are on.


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