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Australia Day Mako (boatside Video)


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g'day guys

sorry about the late report but been a little busy, anyway here goes

weft botany heads on monday at around 6am with the intention of heading to browns to fish the bottom and have a bit of a troll with the hope of finding marlin.

Set out to the botany fad's for a quick look not much in close and a couple small dollies out wider so pushed on to browns. Set up the 2 winches and dropped down for our first run, using salmon and stripe tuna flesh baits.

After the bottom lines were set i took a salmon frame and put it in the burley pot and gave it a hit "just for the hell of it"

first pass of our drift produces nothing on the bottom so we pull up and head back over to commence another drift. Arrive at the mark, deploy winches and walk over to the burley pot and give it another hit. Walked over to check the winches - not much happening there, i look to the backof the boat and see a bloody nice shark in the water!! Within a couple of seconds we have a shark trace out with a salmon head on the end of it, at this stage the shark is doing casual laps of the boat commin in occasionally to try and bite the motor/hull. At first ignores the bait, so hit the burley buckey/add some tuna oil into the equation and the swimming becomes more erratic. Waited for another pass and drop the bait in front of him, he takes a look, gives a bump and thats about it, so let the bait down a little deeper, follows it down, takes it and runs with the reel in freespool for about 30 sec's we lock up and strike, were on!! for a few minutes anyway, she leaps clear of the water re entersd and throws the hook- bugger!

Bring in slack line and examine the bait, all is fine except the hook wich was dull to say the least! anyway with the shark now back at the boat we attempt round 2 feed the bait out she circles it and eventually runs with it. Now this time we know the hook is a little less than great so give her a good chance to swallow the bait. Eventually the time comes we push the drag up and strike, she comes up solid! takes off on a decent run, another spectacular leap in the air followed by another run, we had her to the boat in pretty quick time on 24kg, this is where the fun starts.......

Flyer goes in the gills solid and she SEEMS pretty tame, with only one flyer on board took a large fixed gaff and took a shot a bit further down, secured a tail rope as soon as she was tied off proceeds to go mental (withfixed gaff still in and me attached!!) after a couple of minutes or so clams down, still secure she was beat!

With the shark secure we deided to do a couple more drifts of the bottom picked up a lone blue eye about 4kg and trolled toward home for 0's

all in all it was a great day (picked up another flyer today). Back on land the mako went dead on 100kg and 8ft tip to tip, a new pb for me and the boat!

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