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Mince Meat And Chicken Breast


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Hello raiders,

i was fishing in sydney harbour some time ago, and noticed these fishermen catching large ammounts of taylor with nothing but mince...

I became annoyed at the simple fact they were catching fish very quickly and i got nothing! So anyway, without further ado, i then attempted to use mince to catch something the following week...

but, i can't seem to keep the mince on the hook :(

it keeps falling off as i cast or even slowly release it into the water...

how can i keep it on? i tried lacing it with bread.. no such luck!

and that goes for chicken breast too.



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one of the best baits for large bream is steak! I have caught some real thumpers over the years and a serious night time bream session would not be complete without some chicken breast and fresh steak for bait! - try squeezing some cheddar cheese in with the mince and you should have a good bream bait.

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Are you sure they were Tailor & not Yellowtail?

Mince meat is one of the best ways to catch harbour yakkas. Most of the old Greeks & Italians use it when handlining the wharves. I swear by it myself.

The yakkas have a few bites at it & yes, it does come off easily but because of that you are always burleying them up while fishing. Hence they never go off the bite.

Just roll it into little balls between your fingers.



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