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05 / 02 / 2009 Bay Kingfish


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Hi Everybody,

Decided to fish good old Botany Bay today to see if the kingfish were still on the chew. First stop was to gather some prime live bait and from that moment on things got a little pear shaped , the water was the dirtiest colour I have seen in 3 months maybe the desal work and port work for the new wharf is having a huge impact .Considering it was high tide the water should have been cleaner. With only 4 fairy sized live bait I knew it was going to be a tough day. Now I would usually and always have run 9/0 live bait hooks but seeing that the bait was so small I downgraded to 6/0 live bait hooks as I still wanted the bait to swim . It didn’t take long and the rod soon buckled and a good kingfish was doing his best to find the bottom about ten seconds into the fight it was gone :thumbdown: . Dam hooks pulled. ….. Felt like a good sized king. So deployed another livie and the rod buckled again another solid fish and the same result pulled hooks …. :thumbdown: Now not wanting to go 3 in a row the 6/0 hooks were replaced by 9/0 hooks and the 3rd livie was sent for a swim this again got slammed and this time the hooks held so never again will I try to fish a smaller hook than the 9/0 :thumbup: . The king went 78 cm but the other fish lost felt bigger . . . another thing with the bigger hooks is that even with a lengthy fight on solid drag you wont wear a hole in there mouth. .

Had another bait mauled and picked at and after that all was quiet . . .

Another good result was finding a Jarvis walker rod and Jarvis walker reel floating in the bay just the rod handle was floating about 4 inches above the water .


Botany Bay King


78 CM King

post-692-1233818457_thumb.jpg post-692-1233818467_thumb.jpg

Reel and rod combo that was floating

Cheers ….. Dogtooth :1fishing1: John…… :beersmile:

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Great day again John.

Funny that the combo didnt sink to the bottom. last time i lost one i wished it swam rather than sank :mad3::mad3::mad3: Only the top end stuff sinks???

I agree with you there in regards to top end stuff.... Another time we were out the shelf and found a 12 foot beach rod and reel on it . It was sticking up tip first 10 foot out of the water we first thought it was some monitering equipment of some sort as it looked like a huge black aireial , had been in the water for some time as had lots of growth on it . . Also found a shimano rod last week with what looked like shimano graphite reel under watsons bay wharf last weekend . . Lots of barnicles on it but would like to know how they lost it as it was well under the wharf not where you would drop it......

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My Seven year old son caught a Chair of Rosebay warf this week, He thought he had a huge Ray

And the guy next to hom caught a rod the was lost 1 hour ealier when it hooked up a ferry

Nice King, Good to know ath you can Catch fish as well



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