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Mona Vale


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Fished monavale today close to the peak of the tide. Peter kindly offered to take me out for mainly blackie fishing off the rocks to teach me the ropes! There didnt seem to be too many blackies there today, Peter managed a 33cm blackie caught in about 2-3ft of water. Blackies actually have a completely different nature on the rocks, compared with say narrabeen lakes!!!

We did have a fall back plan, and we manage 5 bream that averaged at 28cm (i only caught one of those).

All in all, a great session with loads of learning oppotunities and alot to improve on. Hopefully i can practise what iv learnt when im down at newcastle and maybe catch my first ocean blackfish! I would like to say thanks to Peter for taking me out!

Justin :1fishing1:

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Good on you Justin - I have only caught blackies there when with Peter, too ...... using his gear! :1yikes: It is a skill worth learning tho! :)

Peter is a great teacher! :biggrin2::thumbup::yahoo:



I'm so jealous. I'd love to learn that as well. I moved to Mona Vale few month ago and starting to learn fishing now. I went to the rocks few times but only caugh few small ones - I think it was Dart as I far could as I could say from the books.

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