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Off Port Hacking Fri 13th


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Hi All

Left Water St ramp this morning at 7. Straight to bait ground plenty yellow tail and a few slimey.

Not a good start, when bait is easy fish usually aren't.

Travelled out to Jibbon bomie found good show of bait on a small peak in 10 m of water and dropped the anchor. Started berly while the boat swung back and the rat kings just appeared.

Over next hour we landed and released 25 to 30. ranged in size from 40cm to 64.6 cm. Not a single legal size fish. I even got my flyrod out and caught my first ever king on fly on a white clouser.

Next stop was Marley where we couldn't raise a fish, so moved out to the wreck where a couple of drifts produced a reasonable flathead, numerous undersize reddies, slimeys and 5 jackets of 45-50 cm. The livies dissappeared from the lines, eaten by jackets!

Next stop was Wattemola this produced a couple of oversized salmon for release and a couple of tailor about 1 kg for the table fresh. But no kings.

Had another quick fish near the Bommie on the way back to the ramp to release another 4 rat kings.

A pleasant day on the water for a feed but no record breakers.

Probably should have gone and chased dollies but kings are too tempting.


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Thanks for the report Bruce. Where abouts did you get your yellow tails? I usually go to near the marker pole at Jibbon beach but lately it has not produced the goods . Shark Island is always reliable but the swimmers on Sunday mornings(thats when I am free to go fishing) are nearly as thick as the yellow tails and I have to constantly keep an eye out for them(swimmers)

Regards Kit

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Hi Kit

Usually catch them near the rocks at the western end of Jibbon Beach then second choice is the marker post you mentioned. Haven't had to go to Shark Island for quite a while.

Also the wreck off marley had oodles of slimey on it yesterday, from the bottom to the top.


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