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Overdue Hawksbury Report


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Belated report folks, dates back to weekend before last.

Went fishing with a couple of mates - out from Berrowra before Sparrow's, with view to maybe picking up a Jewie before the sun came up.

Once on the water, decided to head down to the main River & poke around the vines for some bream instead.

No luck on the Bream only plenty of Catties !

Moved on from the vines & tried drifting instead.

By now the sun was up, last of the run out & the breeze had sprung up making the drift slightly annoying.

After about 20 minutes my rod takes a hit & I call it for a soapie Jew, as it puts up reasonable fight on light gear.

After seeing the silver colour below the boat, I had believed my suspicions were confrmed, A few cranks of the reel later & I am looking at a Whiting, the size of which I have not seen since I was a kid!

The whiting was 40 cm & solid as a "brick whatsaname"

The only other catches for the day were a small flatty & Blue Swimmer crab - My mates by the way, restricted them selves to keeping the catfish away from my baits!



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