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Heavy Rock Rod


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Hi, hoping to match it to an abu freeliner 7000XT, or probably some other thready, maybe an alvey if the reel isn't suitable.

Pigs and Groper is the target, and if it's feasible to get a rod that could stand up to livebaiting for bigger pelagics as well that would be nice to have the option there, if not forget about it.

All guidance appreciated.


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That reel will not last. Sounds harsh but its the reality of fishing for drummer and groper, they are one of the toughest customers on tackle and you need simple robust gear. I use either a 7144 for drummer or sometimes a 6138 which although not as powerful is great for when the fish are biting shy. I would speak to Allen Glover if I were you, I have found that most surf/rock rods off the shelf will not suit a lot of people like the smaller spin rods for instance. My 7144 is an off the rack job and the foregrip is way too short for the way I like to fight fish. My 6138 is a custom job and suits me perfectly.

I would be looking at an 8144 built to suit an alvey 650 or 700

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