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Worlds Dumbest Yak Paddler


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Hi Raiders,

Now i think Yak paddlers take there life in their "own" hands every time they go out,

going out before dawn without appropriate lighting, dodging Sydney ferries

and crazy big boat captains or live baiting with kingfish for whitesharks off longreef

( i call those guys "Shark hors d'oeuvres" - From the French, and literally means "outside of work"

- A small portion of a tasty food served as an appetizer before a meal)

Now just like Bungy jumping, skydiving or swimming off clifton gardens, extreme sports aren't for me,

but I'd never begrudge anyones attempt to make it into the Darwin awards.

(no I'm not jealous that those stealthy yaks pull a lot of fish :) )

But coming back into Tunks Park on Sat afternoon, we came across a bloke paddling his yak.

At first we thought, isnt that funny he's got a dog sitting on his lap, as we got closer it was a baby

of about 3 months (couldnt hold its head up) strapped to his chest in a Baby Bjorn

Now a baby bjorn sits the baby head at chest height, a grown man floats up to his shoulders,

so if he got tipped out, the baby would drown before he got back in the yak.

Now I've done a lot of Kayaking when I was younger, and can do a T rescue, H Rescue and right a kayak by myself, most of which involves treading water or sliding up on you chest to get back into the kayak.

I cant believe any mother would let their partner do this?

besides the drowning aspect, every time he made a right had stroke he knocked the babies head

I dont now what other raiders opinions are, but i thought this guy was a complete moron, do what you like with your own life, but give your offspring a chance to swim out from the shallow end of the gene pool.


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Your'e right , very stupid.

Our collective gene pool is being weakened by these cretins.

Hundreds of years ago they wouldn't survive to reproductive age.

I once saw a similar thing.

A bloke was skateboarding down a hill with a toddler in his arms.

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