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Peak Stripe


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Out with a mate in his BW 26 yesterday (Sunday 22nd March).

We trolled from 12 mile to Browns then worked an area 3-5 miles north east of Browns.

Patchy bait early then big schools later in the day.

Tagged a nice 80-90KG black (need to check the photo's - called it for a black as I was fighting it and it jumped all over the ocean, but was pretty "stripy" as we unhooked it boatside. Still think it had "stiff" pectorals but I could be wrong!) taken on a lumo sprocket on the long corner.

That fish jumped on mid-morning and put up a huge fight (40 minutes on 24KG!) :1prop:

Then, mid afternoon on the way back in and a mile or two outside the shelf and North of Browns, had a screaming run on the long rigger losing 500m+ of line in the blink of an eye (definitely a sizeable blue although we didn't see it jump). After clearing the other gear we gave chase and started winning back some line only for the line to go slack. When we reeled it in it appears the line had broken well above the double - either faulty line, some damage from the outrigger clip or perhaps another fish hitting the line :1badmood:

So we finished up 2-2-1 and had a great day.

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