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Last saturday decided to hit our spot.

obviously with my partners in crime dan & my brother Rod

Weather condition again couldnt have been better .Arrived at 6 am beautiful sunrise , started spinning with not much success for the first 2 hours, nothing but a couple of follows .

Dan was the first to hook on to a nice 86 cm 5.8 kilo kingy , it was quickly brought to our feet on 30 kilo braid , after numerous attempts to gaff the fish he was washed up onto the rocks . nice fish :thumbup:

Obviously seen dan hook up , the spinning was quickly recommenced , when suddenly good number of kings come on the chew & follow.

While having a chat on the rocks while spinning , Dans bait was crunched by a solid king snapping the gamakatsu hook in half , no hook up , but a bloody good sign of some solid fish hanging around .

It was only ten or so minutes later when i was smashed by a solid fish and i was on , quickly the reel started screaming with some punishing runs even it with the drag set tight as it could go . knowing it was running that hard and with the bend in the rod it was time to stick it to him .

After a ten minute fight which included some very tense moments , of the fish trying to reef me up he was gaffed . :yahoo:

Fish was 98cm 8.2 kilos my p.b only 2cm shy of the metre . Top fish of the rocks .

We decided to pack it in not long after to get the fish on ice . Top sashimi .

Another awesome day on the rocks .


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