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Teach Someone How To Catch Fish And........


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Hit the river with a mate (who was a novice to fishing from his tandem yak) this morning at 7:30am armed with a bucket of good sized poddies. Rigged my mate up with one of my outfits and we drift fished the run out for a couple of 40ish flatties coming in early. After an hour I had a heavy hit and the 3lb gelspun was screaming. After a short tussle, a 69cm fatty came to the yak. Camera batteries were flat so I couldn't manage any on yak shots and resorted to the kitchen sink morgue shots Scored another 50cm specimen then had a subtle hit which I brought in effortlessly until the yak was in sight. Some acrobatics and a 65cm porker was in the yak. My mate was amazed at the result of 2 hours fishing and on our last drift he scored his first flatty at 52cm and was stoked. He is now addicted and I went down to my local tackle shop (which is closing down) and bought him a nice little outfit for $100 and some gelspun that he will christen soon (probably next week!). I kept 3 fat fish for my family and he had 3 on his BBQ tonight. My lures are feeling rejected atm and the local poddies are looking over their shoulders nervously.


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Great report Rob. Fantastic feeling getting a newbie onto some fish, isn't it? :yahoo:

Fishing has quitened down here, especially on sp's, but the surface fishing has just started to pick up! Make sure you pack some surface lures for Easter ;)



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