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Harbour 22/3


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Hey all

Hit the harbour early yesterday and picked up 4 nice squid in about 1/2 hour and headed to the new wedding cake nothing showing on the sounder but decided to drop anchor anyway because the other markers where chokas

we burlyed hard and nothing for bout half hour and then zzzzzzzzzzzzzz a huge king 90cm plus i think busted me off on the marker it was unstopable even using a heavy set up 40lb braid and 60lb leader

landed 3 kings at 68 cm in the next hour that is 1 king per squid pretty good for me as they usally get picked off by the pickers. before a swarm of leather jacket appeared they followed the bait each time right to the side of the boat allowing me to use the landing net to catch 4 of them

while trying to fish for the leather jackets on my shimano setup 6lb braid using suicide hooks and unweighted peeled prawn a king hits it right at the surface which made for a good 5 min fight which it won


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Well done adzzy, :thumbup: your day sounds similar to my Friday out at the cake, we

got busted by a few Kings on them pylons, then we had the Leatheries

rain on our parade.


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Nice work mate,

We headed out side first thing for no hits and to the Wedding cake a fair bit later, but the wind and tide were fighting and it was hard work there. Guess we should have gone there first hey!


i tried out the new wedding cake today without even a bite

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