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Crookhaven Heads - 21mar2009


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Well, decided to get away from Brighton, and head south for the day. Nowhere in particular, and ended up at Crookhaven Heads boatramp.

Plagued by small bream right from the start, but wow, the number of bait fish hanging around the weeds was incredible, and no wonder.

Noticed the terns working the water in front of us, so slipped on a Wonder Wobbler ( nice big shiny steel job ), and instant strikes, and only 15 metres from the ramp! amazing!

Ended up with 2 salmon ( around 4 kg each ), and 10 good tailor around the 1 kg mark - if only this happened every day! - all on a 6kg line, what great action! - the Salmon took a good 10 mins each to get close, then very very carefully, walk to the beach!

Ah, and the boaties had there "dubious" legal flatties - just for a change, I got more than them!

Nice little caravan park right next door, so sounds like a must vistit for the weekend next time. Locals all very friendly as well, and why not, they live stress free!

What a great day! - it was all so good, that I didn't even think of the camera until it was too late. Girlfriend hadn't fished before, and even got a nice salmon around 3kg - what a great start for her! - she was simply jumping up and down, screaming to everyone about the fish she caught - good for her, her enjoyment, made me smile even more.

Some days are good, but some are simply outstanding! - and the one that got away, when that reel started screaming that 6kg off at 100 mile an hour, I just laughed, and let it break, I had noway. My thought a big Kingie - next time mate, next time :)



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