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Sydney Harbour 22/03/09

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G’day Raiders,

Was fortunate enough to enjoy some fishing in our glorious harbour with a mate on Sunday. We tried for squid near Balmoral hoping to break my squid duck – not this time – I need to do a refresher on sqidding by Slinky…again! Anyway, off to Sow and Pigs we go where we donate a fair bit of our tackle on the structure below ;) . We soon tired of that and moved onto Clifton Gardens. We drifted there for a couple of hours where I managed two flatties around the 42cm mark on a six inch sand eel in camo and a trevally at 33cm with a four inch turtle back worm in pumpkin seed. Even though it wasn’t his target species, Skip enticed a couple of octopus to hang onto his bait all the way to the boat. :P

With the wind starting to pick up we headed into Middle Harbour for the last couple of hours. We saw a huge school of Tailor that we threw our plastics at with a couple hungry enough to be enticed. We saw a larger fish causing havoc amongst them and could only guess that it was a Jewie. We placed a live Tailor out the back of the boat hoping to entice Mr Jewie :1Lighten: but I’d imagine that he’d probably had enough of a feed of choppers by this stage.

We did manage a couple of decent flatties though and at one stage I got excited (hopeful) when I felt the headshakes thinking it might be a mulloway. One flatty went 53cm. caught on a 5 inch jerk shad in lime tiger and the other went 60cm caught on a 6 inch sand eel in camo which was Skip’s PB on plastic. :thumbup:







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