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Shadycamp To Bluewater

bream reeper

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hi raiders,went to darwin for the season runoff for some big barra,went on three day safari with my mates.We managed over 50 barra in three days between the three of us,biggest was 90cms and 78cms including threadfin salmon......Spactacular place unbelievable fishing....Must recommend to any fisho..Went for our last adventure on the bluewater and caught plent of goldies but in the last hour of fishing we hit the jackpot with some big jewies 24,20 and 12 pound...photos speak for themselves...from mulloway mick,bream reeper and big choc.....tight lines....










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Hi Mick,

Top fishes there mate, you must have a ball catching those jewies, am jealous. I am going there in June, can you give me some info, I am thinking of of river, billabong and bluewater fishing and maybe drive to shady camp. Can I fish there on my own, at shady camp, I mean? or I have to have a guide? Also, how is the swell on bluewater? I get sick sometimes.

Living up to your name,huh, catching those mulloway, great, good onya man.


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Good times claper some big barras mate I like thos black jews. Next year A mate.

Its good to see you back HA HA HA HA :tease::1welcomeani:

I Will set the mark just rember mulloway mick,bream reeper and big choc

Blacgrrrrrrrry OVER 91 CM CORP TAKE OVER BIG TIME !!! :1yikes:

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Good onya Mulloway mick and mates, great fishing up there , I've done it (2005) and will hopefully be back later this year for some bluewater action.

Great fish guys, congrats..

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