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S W Rocks Bream


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my first post.....fished the macleay river on the 13th and 14th march high tide was around mid morning the water was very discolourd due to recent rain but the bream didnt seem to mind!! fished a sand/mud flat with racks through out. the bream suface bite was crazy, for about an hour there was atleast 3 or 4 bream chasing bait within about 70 meters.just after lunch the wind came up and spoiled the party.all fish were caught on poppers or unweighted plastics,all fished were released for next time! although some released themselves-minus 4 poppers-thanks to the racks. there not big fish but there were plenty there.4lb braid 8lb leader.-2flathead and 7bream on sat and 21bream on sun :biggrin2: see ya






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Great report austral. :thumbup: Plenty of action in a couple of days. Fishing with poppers certainly sounds exciting.

I go up to SWR every January, but have never fished much upstream. What general area were you fishing?

Great photos too. I hope you can post some more.



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