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First Run To Shelf Off Eden And Loved It


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hey guys,,

well im a bit late but better late than never,,,

well we got to eden at xmas time only thinking of marlin,.its all id read about,,all id planned on catching and all i thought about for 4mnths prior to our trip,,,

first few runs in our newly refurbed cruise craft presented problems,,having being towed in 2 times from 2 launches,, we knew we needed some confidence in our boat,,,but as ytou do when your as keen as they come,, i did some running repairs and got ready to really go get some confidence back,,,, the night before our shelf run the only problem niggering at me was my fuel load,, i had a hundred litres on board,,but the drop-off being about 22nm offshore from eden,,and 1st time out,,,i wanted to get it right,,,

we got to the ramp and by 6am the joint was heaving,,, we headed out with a few familiar faces and about another 20-30 boats,,,(all much much bigger than us) out to get the run off a lifetime,,,, it was a 50min run out and whuke cruising through patches of dolphins churning up the waters and birds circling everywhere,, the trip didnt drag at all,,,

we hit the 1st drop-off which to our surprise went from 150mtrs straight drop to at least 700,,, we got some skirts out and wrestled with the outriggers to get all sorted,, within 15mins our mates were on and we were pumped,, a little 3-4kg stripey and a good start early on,, then it was out turn,, watching the outriggers i watched my first elastic band snap from a rigger then a second,, then it was on,,, the tld2speed 30 went nuts and the stella was even getting a nice little workout,,, a nice fight later and we had to 12kg yellowfin at the side of the boat,,, as i man handled it in(not pretty at all) i got so caught up in the action i held the fish up to show our mates in there boat about 50mtres off then torpedoed it straight back home,,, then ripping the 2nd from the water wen to do the same only to be stopped by my mate,,,,"are you crazy,,,what are f*%$ doing,,at least get a photo,.,,, after throwing the 2nd back thinking the water was alive with fin,, we were only to catch a 2-3kg stripey and a monster run that went deep,,real deep and spat the hooks,,,\

great day had by all and on the way home our mates ran out of fuel an we endecd up giving them 40litres of our 100ltrs and we just made it to the boat ramp,,,

locals said it was the best day seen 55km offshore for as long as they remember,,,

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Well done on getting out wide off eden & into a few yellowfin on the troll.Always great fun when the tuna

are on & you find a good patch of fish.Just got to make the most of it & enjoy it when it comes along as

not too many trips out wide are like that.Remember too that when you do find a patch of yellowfin that

you stay in the area & work it continously for a good hour as usually a few more bite's will come.No

good catching one,putting the lures back out & keep going away from that area or out wider.Many

times off sydney or down south we have trolled out to 20miles beyond the shelf & back,only to

catch half a dozen yellowfin in an area just the size of a football field.



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