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Hawkesbury River House Boat Trip


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G`day Raiders

Got back yesterday afternoon from a 4 day trip up the Hawkesbury River , with the guys from work.(9 in total 2 are fishraider members) We were rostered off from work so we all got permission from our wives and we booked a 10 berth houseboat. When booking I asked if we get a discount being a member of fishraider I was told fishraider has been good to them and they gave us one night free. How good is that! :1prop: We anchored in Pinta bay as our base as we also had 3 boats with use to explore the river. The weather was great plenty of partying at night. Sadly not many fish about, we fished hard every day caught plenty of live bait but the fish did not come to the party. We got a few nice flathead average size 50cm some nice fat bream around the 30 cm mark and a mac tuna and of course the eels. One night while fishing at Juno point the call went out that one of the boats had landed 2 Hairtail well Suffo and I got so excited that the chrome monsters had arrived early only to get back to the house boat to find 2 fat slimy eels in the bag. Ivan was very disappointed when we told he to get rid of that s**t off the boat .Not many fish caught but we all had a great time and hope to do it again.

The worst part of the trip was the boat clean up after 4 days on the water in the sun.







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Hi Reggie the Rabbit sounds like you all had a good time on the Hawkesbury and got among a fair few fish as well.

Nice pics mate and a good fishing holiday with friends from work makes for a good working relationship too :thumbup:


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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