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Can't Catch Yakkas!


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Hey all,

Today's mission was to try catch me some fresh yakkas off a local wharf to put on my squid spikes later on tonight/tomorrow. I purchased a cheapo 6 hook hook jig rig( little beads and small triangle wing looking things ) from *****. The hooks were tiny and i could barely fit any pilly or bread on them.

Problem is i could see the yakkas and they were going for my jig but not getting caught! Also i found the bait would get smashed in seconds and it would take forever to re bait - maybe i'm only meant to use it as a jig , i thought bait would attract them though ? What am i doing wrong ?

a. Should i be using pilly as was suggested at the bait shop ? i found it was just soooo soft.

b. should i just stick to one hook ?

c. could anyone suggest what bait/rig set up i should use ? do i need a sinker ? also what size hook?

i just can't find any info anywhere grrr!

thanks for all your help gang ;)

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G'day Archilles,

Mate, I never bother using any kind of baits any more. There's a simple secret... just get really little jigs (for yakkas anyway). If you keep a steady stream of berley going, then just bob the jig in the berley trail you'll get fish.

Trying to bait up is a total kerfuffle and you'll end up spending more time stuffing around than actually fishing. I'd be willing to bet you've got a bait jig with flies that are a little too big.

Cheers, Slinky

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hello,i use 6lb line with size 12 hook on the end,then add a sall split shot about 5in up the line and thats it.just berley until you see them then use any bait you have on hand-squid,pillie,prawn or bread.just dont use to big a bait if the yakkas are only small. a TIP with the pillies use the hard stomach part it lasts ages and can be used more than once! good luck :thumbup:

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I cant always get them on a jig either, so your not alone there. I usually use a handline with a small hook, splitshot and a small piece of tough bait, like squid or fish skin, which wont get smashed off if I am not inclined to rig the jig. Make sure the jig is the right way up, when you hold it the droppers should sit out.

I have found a berley of pilchard and/or bread works best, partic pilchard. You dont want to feed them just make them think there is food.

On the boat, I rub the pillies or bread with my thumb and a little water so I get a milky cloud rather than pieces. Off the rocks, you can make a mix in a bucket with sand like the blackfish guys do and chuck it out by hand or a cheap plastic soup ladle or just tread the pillies/bread onto the rocks and let the waves wash it in.


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My bait catchin therapy is a little time alone on the wharf with a bucket of busted up chook pellets to berley up some contenders.

A small hand spool 6lb line long shank 10 or 12 hook a bit of bread for the first then fresh yakka

A bucket with an aerator.

This works for me as well as a bit of slow down therapy 1/2 hour normally gets enough livies for a session. :thumbup:

If slimies are about they are easier but wont last in the bucket.

I can only say I have struggled with Sabiki jigs with not as much joy. :thumbdown:

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we use small pieces of squid or salted fish like slimies or tuna

pillies are to soft unless salted to bait the hooks but only small

like 3mm x 5mm

berley mix of bread and mashed pillies with a dash of tuna oil

mix it up in the berley pot every now and then when the flow

of the trail slows

I find it best in the morning before the sun gets too high or where

there is some shadow or structure

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Slinkys idea is probably the best and will save you HEAPS of time! But if you find that they are not taking an unbaited jig you can try using squid (cheap frozen stuff is fine) or raw chicken breast. This will stay on your hook much longer and resist the bites...

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I totally agree with slinky - the jigs have to be as tiny as possible then you will find that they will attack the jig without baiting up. keep a good bread burley stream going to keep them interested but dont over do it either!

good luck.


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At my little local spot, I've tried squid and prawn bits ona jig with no joy.. have had best results with an unweighted, un-baited jig that I just float out into the berly trail.

When this doesn't work, a little bit of bread on each hook and bobs ur uncle.

I burley up with bread crumbs, sometimes with a little bit of tuna oil mixed in.

When unweighted jigs aren't working, I throw a small sinker on and let it sit a little deeper :thumbup:

Unweighted jigs with bread have landed me some good live garfish too! dynamite bait!

What i have found with the cheaper jigs, is that sometimes the hooks aren;t very sharp, or corrode enough to maek them blunt after first use... you can still get them on blunt hooks, but you loose alot of the little buggers too..

Whereabouts are you based? I tend to go for midweek baiting sessions, if you're nearby, Might be able to come out with you..

Good luck!

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