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Middle Harbour Kings


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hi all

headed out sat night for some squid it was very slow going managed 20 in four

hours not the best start !

headed for a sleep and something is wrong i forgot the downriggers :ranting2::ranting2::ranting2:

so after some words that im not going to repeat we grabbed some shut eye

i woke part way throw the night and somethig else as missing

the hum of the livie tank battery i dead flat :ranting2::ranting2:

with all the squid dead i lay down thinking this is not going to be a good day!!!

wake up in the morning and tried every marker in the harbour for pickers

headed back into middle harbour to cook some breaky

and use the last of the squid

as we where anchoring i here a voice calling out it was netic in his mates boat

he comes over to have a chat and the kings are on and taking squid on the downriggers and

of course no downriggers!!!!

so netic takes my mate (damo) that has never caught a king let alone a decent fish for a run

an low and behold 65cm king


so i pull anchor and anchor up near the spot they keep getting hit

damo rejoins me and the first bait in the ater gets smacked damo leans back and is on

goes tto reposition the rod and cops the butt of the rod in the family jews :1prop:

slack line king gone

so i drop my bait down 2 winds and im on and its desent i play it around the motor than back again

then it decides its heading south for the winter

a couple of tense moments and it appears i call it for 80cm + and damo has a couple of swipes

with net and its in the boat :yahoo::yahoo:


we stay for a little longer for some throw backs

and it goes quiet so we pull the pin and head home

all in all not bad day even with all the thing that went wrong



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G'day mate, you certainly had a run of outs first up but turned out great in the end, good to see other fishraiders lending a hand when all seems lost.. :1clap::biggrinthumb:


Edited by Ray R
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