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Port Hacking Landbase


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Hi all, Last night i hit the hacking around 7pm,At first not much biting then the squid came along had my bag limit of squid by 9.30 got to be happy about that,bait freezer full of jewie bait.Then a few tailor and undersize stuff. At around 10 my new little bream out fit buckles over and little 1000 reel starts screaming 1 min later i have 31cm bream on the shore,At least the :wife: is happy bream for dinner tonight.

Cheers Jewieslayerpost-8091-1238396239_thumb.jpg

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Nice stuff jewslayer, did your camera batteries run out before you could take a photo of the 20 squid? :1prop:

will have to have several :beersmile: on saturday night.

No mate i put the squid down stairs in the garage for jew bait could not be bothered going up stairs to get camera

i will be having a several hundred :beersmile: got to love free beer

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