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Shimano Bream Finesse Broken Tip


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September last year I was given a Raider Finesse Bream (first type, not the new MF model) as a parting gift by an old mate who then died in November of cancer, so it has some sentimental value. Its been used 3 or 4 times and Saturday night I got hit by a bream and the darn top snapped, about half way between the tip and the next guide. As soon as I heard it I knew what had happened and just couldn't believe it, my jaw dropped and then out came expletives. My mate looking down would have been peeing himself I reckon. :1fishing1: Of all my rods, I've never had one break and it just had to be this one didn't it. :mad3: Not to mention the sentimental value, matched with a 500 size Plueger, this thing was also an awesome combo.

Being a one piece, I assume this is never going to be the same again and can't be successfully repaired? Since I can no longer get the receipt I'm stuffed. I've emailed Shimano but don't expect a response, let alone them offering a replacement.

I've been happy with my others - a Rack Raider and Snapper Raider, but not sure if I'll be buying Shimano Raiders again.

Are the Starlo Stix Tournament Pro Lite Spin any good? Or maybe I should go for a Nitro.

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