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Clifton Gardens


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Hello raiders,

been down to clifton a couple of mornings on my days off from uni.. this is the result.

5 x squid

20 x yellowtail

1 x octapus

30 x undersized snapper

1 x flatty

1 x bonefish or pufferfish (hard as a rock)

in relation to the targeted kingfish

--- i saw 80cm+ school around the wharf one day they were taking absolutely nothing and the next they were taking bread. another day rats came through. i did not land any kingfish unfortunately.. :05:





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That is a nice frigate, they are quite tasty pan fried and make great bait. Good fun on light tackle also. Clifton Gardens land based fishing is generally done off the wharf on weekends join the hordes but pleasant mid week, seen a 70 cm snapper caught here on a prawn

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Sorry i forgot to mention that the frigate wasnt caught by me i jus added into the post it was caught by a mate i met down at the wharf. i also saw a 1.5m shovelnose shark about 2 meters from the wharf in about 1 meter of water. tried catching it using a pillie but apparently i should have used prawns

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Mate, I think your bonefish is actually a box leatherjacket (from vague memory).

They have a tiny mouth and bite extremely gently.

I believe they also emit a toxin when in a fish tank with other competing species, such that they can kill the other fish....I wonder if this is true or I'm just filling you up with bull....either way, I believe it until I'm taught otherwise....

By the way, I'm sure if your mate gave you the frigate alive, cut it's tail off and throw it at the big kingies with a 9/0 in it's back, you would be hanging onto your rod for dear life.....

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hi there guys,

sorry to invade your thread.

can i ask a question though?

i am going to head to clifton gardens tonight for the first time (in the dark)

as i am totally new to this, what bait should i be using? the biggest hooks i have are 2/0 or something. and i have 15lb line will this be enough for me to catch anything decent sized?

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