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Sunday Dollies


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post-7680-1238492276_thumb.jpgHi fishraiders,

sorry for the late report - fellow fishraider Jim77 and I post-7680-1238492343_thumb.jpgpost-7680-1238492343_thumb.jpgheaded out Sunday to catch dollies and were hoping to catch a beakie. Headed out to Port Hacking at 6.45am and straight to our live bait spot ( Shark Island). After catching our livies we headed out to Port Hacking Fad for nothing! From there we headed out to 3 fish traps that we know of and found dolphin fish at every one. After a while of catching dolphin fish we decided to have a troll and try our luck for a beakie. After 2 hrs and no luck we decided to go back and catch more dollies. Great day out, great company, great weather with plenty of fish - ended up with 19 keepers ranging from 60cm - 94cm and 1 striped tuna.




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G'day Fishbones, that is a great haul of dollies, is that big one a male, think they have the big heads.

I've heard that these fish have an intense growth rate, and they only live for a couple of years , in that time reaching a meter or more, bet they put up an awesome fight .

Congrats on your fish.


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Good report Mike.

Glad to see you worked out how to post the pictures! Needless to say i was pretty popular when i came home with 10 dollies :1fishing1:

looking forward to next time.



Actually, can't take credit for the posting the pictures - it was the Mrs. But at least we can take credit for catching the dollies!!! :yahoo:

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