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Pe Braided Lines


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What do you mean PE braided lines. Do you mean braid in general or do you mean a specific type? Just googled. Need not reply for my benefit.

nah its different to normal braid as far as i know its supposed to be alot thinner from what ive heard the example given to me was 16lb PE is as thin as 10lb normal braid

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Sorry to disagree with you Hooked Up but PE is just another acronym like GSP. They are both short hand for Gelspun Polyethylene from which all braids and fused braids are made.

Don't be fooled by marketing, all the fibres for every braid on the market come from only 2 sources under the trade names Spectra and Dyneema. Every manufacturer uses the same type of fibres although the size of fibres can vary. The manufacturers then braid or fuse the fibres to form the line you buy.

There IS a difference in the quality and characterstics of lines you buy related to a range of factors but the material from which they are made isn't one of them. Any of the well known brands about which Raiders have spoken many times are worth using. The only thing to avoid is thinking you can get quality line cheap. Usually it's as rough as guts and handles atrociously.

Cheers, Slinky

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cheers slinky, no need to be sorry mate you just told me what i wanted to know, a worker in a tackle shop near me obviously needs to do a bit more research before giving such examples (16lb is 10lb thickness) to good to be true thanks mate im glad i didnt get any.

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he's not entirely wrong, braids with same diameter have different breaking strains.

the japanese would use a numerical value for the thickness of their lines, they do this just to standardise things. for example PE5 has a thickness of 0.370mm, PE4 = 0.330mm etc

if you take a brand like ygk, they have various strengths within their products.

take a look at Ultra Jigman X8 PE5 has a breaking strain of 78lb and the normal Jigman X8 PE5 has a breaking strain of 55lb

i think if you take a look at product specs, the sales dude would make more sense

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